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"ELECTRIC LADYLAND - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
This is a Fluorescent "Participatory" Environment that you physically enter and participate in the creation of Art.
This is what I call "Participatory Art."

Key to the Fluorescent "Participatory" Environment:

1. "The Reactor"-› The reaction that is taking place in this area is on an atomic scale and is called "Electron Displacement"
which is the cause of Fluorescence.  There is a large crystal of Fluorite at it`s heart.› With 19 different openings to
look through, including a telescope, a microscope, and binoculars, the perspective can be greatly altered by a
gentle body shift.

2. "The Spectrum Pole"-› The Electromagnetic Spectrum-› all of the energy that is flowing to us from our Star the Sun,
seen here in just a fraction of it`s power:› the Long Wave Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrum.
› (Under the Pole is Phosphorescent.)

3. "Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky"-› The Earth as seen from below upon entering it`s atmosphere.› The mighty
Himalaya on the left with the oceans and continents spread underneath the magestic swirling clouds.


4. "The Skyline Caverns Pool"-› Inspired by my first trip into a cave in Virginia in 1977, where there was a pool as still
as a sheet of glass reflecting thousands of stalagtites onto it`s mirrored surface.

5. "The Plains of Heaven"-› The luminous energy of the Heavens above the pure plains of clouds manifests itself in the
flowing waters of the Ganga and evolves onto land.› Inspired by John Martin.

6. "The Land Between Tick and Tock"/"The E:B:E:"-› The center of the universe, where time and space does not exist
(time and space are inventions of the human intellect) inside the form of an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.

7. "The Glacier"-› The 24 kilometer long, 6-8 kilometer wide Gaumukh Glacier is at an altitude of 4350mtrs.› The
Ganga`s spring comes from within this Glacier at the base of Shivalink Topovan`s peaks.

8. "The Himalaya"-› The mightest of mountain ranges from Mt. Ganesh across to Mt. Everest, as seen from a mandir
on a peak in Nagarkoth one sunrise all those years ago.› In the center are the peaks of Shivalink Topovan
with Gaumukh at their base.

9. "Gaumukh - the Source of the Ganga"-› The spring of the holy river the Ganga (the Ganges) is an opening or
cave in the Gaumukh Glacier at 4350mtrs. (14,000`) elevation in the Himalaya.
› Inside the cave in this Museum is a 1cm. tall statue of Shiva made to order by Dr. S. Shilipi of Bheraghat, India.

10. "Mata Ganga"-› The holy Ganges river that stretches across India from Gaumukh to Calcutta.› Mata Ganga
translated means "Mother Ganga"- this is the river that life first crawled from.

11. "The Shiva Linga"/"The Chamber of Infinity"
12. "The Fire of Creation"-› "The Shiva Linga" with "The Fire of Creation" at›it`s center.› The first Shiva Linga
was described in India thousands of years ago as a pillar of fire that emits sparks that become life.
› Thousands of years ago, on the other side of the Earth in Mexico, Yaqui Sorcerers also described
the creation of Life as a sorce of energy of unimagineable proportions that
emits sparks that become Life.› They called it "The Eagle."

13. "The Yoni"-› The base of "The Shiva Linga" where you kneel and gaze into "The Chamber of Infinity"with
multiple reflections going off into nine different directions on all sides of "The Fire of Creation."

14. "The Jumping Through Time Wall"-› Quantum Foam and Super-string theories.› The universe at the scale of
the Solar System and the Atom is visually and dynamically the same.› At the top of
"The Jumping Through Time Wall" is the Bithplace of Stars containing `The Eagle Nebula`(M-31)
which astronomers call a `Stellar nursery` of unimaginable proportions.
› At the bottom of the wall is "Futurama" inspired by the 1964 World`s Fair in New York.
› (These small caves Phosphoresce if you cup your hands around them and look close.)

15. "The Energy Flow"-› The eternally flowing Energy that is continuously transferred between "The Fire of
Creation" in "The Shiva Linga" and `The Eagle Nebula`in the Birthplace of Stars in
"The Jumping Through Time Wall."

16. "The Magic Land of Lights, Sounds, and Dimensions" / "The Sister Mary Bernadeth Grotto"-
› This is the most important area that the rest of the environment was designed around.
› The area is blank without the Participation of the visitor who performs their own creation.
› This area was initially inspired by the ideas of Michèle Delage.
The Main Areas:
                A. "The Crack Between the Worlds"
              B. "The Fluorescent Mineral Cave"
        C. "The Special Michele Cave"
                                                 D. "The Crystal Cave"-› including the "Optical effects Cave"
E. "The Echo Chamber"
           F. "The Sound Effects Machine"

17."The Hanuman Mandir"-› At the very top of a mountain in Hampi, India is the Hanuman Mandir.
› In the Hanuman Mandir in this Museum is a statue of Hanuman carved to order in India
by Dr. S. Shilipi of Bheraghat, behind which an enchanted› crystal garden can sometimes be seen.
The mountain is›painted in a special technique I developed called "Thermal Expansion."

18."The Ganesh Mandir"-› A crystal Ganesh sits on a pool of shimmering blue light which radiates through him,
vibrating with the surrounding Sadhu Orange energies.

19."The Hidden Caves"-› These are five tiny caves that can sometimes be seen.
The three main caves are:
›››A.› "The Smokey Quartz Cave"
››››››››››››››  B.› "The Two Wonders from the Worlds"
 C.› "The Crystal Worlds Cave"

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"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
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All Artwork, Photographs, and Text:  ©Nick Padalino, 1999-2004