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React Under Black lights  (U.V. lamps)

The two photographs below show the same Fluorescent Print in different lighting.  The Left photograph shows the
Fluorescent Print in the normal White Light, like in your house.
The Right photograph shows the same Fluorescent Print when put under a Black Light, bursting into vivid colors.
These Fluorescent Prints are made with Fluorescent inks and will glow vividly under a Black Light, as the photos show,
the Prints also have the same beautiful colors in normal house lighting without a Black Light.
The following Fluorescent Prints for sale are printed on 260 gram high-gloss photo paper and come mounted on
dark blue velvet board, ready for framing.
These Matted Fluorescent Prints all come in 2 different US sizes (inches), and 2 different Euro sizes (centimeters).
The Fluorescent Prints are packed for international shipping, and come with general lighting suggestions included.

All Photographs and Artwork Copyright Nick Padalino, 1999-2004


 Fluorescent Print in White Light                          Fluorescent Print in Black Light


       Fluorescent Print 1-  "Amsterdam" (1)                          Fluorescent Print 2-  "Amsterdam" (2)

         Fluorescent Print 3-  "Electric Ladyland" (1)                 Fluorescent Print 4-  "Electric Ladyland" (2)

     Fluorescent Print 5-  "Fluorescent Minerals - Franklin, New Jersey"


Ordering Instructions

When Ordering, please specify which Fluorescent Print number you want,
and also the Size you want the Fluorescent Print:

Size  US 1-    11 x 14" Matted        $75.-
 Size  US 2-     8 x 12" Matted         $50.-

Size  Euro 1-  30 x 40 cm. Matted    $75.-
Size  Euro 2-  20 x 30 cm. Matted    $50.-

World Wide Shipping and Handling:
Size US 1  and  Euro 1:   $10.-
Size US 2  and Euro 2:   $6.-
Combined Shipping for up to three Matted Prints:  $10.-

Please see Last page of "Fluorescent Artshop" - "ORDERING INFORMATION"
 for Payment details.


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"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5, 1015 TB Amsterdam, Holland
Tel/fax: (0031) - 020 - 4203776
Email: electriclady21@hotmail.com
All Artwork, Photographs, and Text:  ©Nick Padalino, 1999-2004